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"Daniel King Media Is Gifted"

Visual Storytelling
drives results 📈
Engage your audience, Promote your services and Sell your products with photo & video marketing
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Meet Daniel King

"I don't just take photos,
I make things
happen "

Capture Your Excellence

Whether you want to create a special look and feel for your company’s Instagram, or hang custom photos on your wall, I’m your guy!

I help families craft precious memories, and businesses upgrade their digital appearance. 

Using the latest camera equipment, lighting, and editing techniques, I create stunning commercials to get your business results! Looking to beat my latest record of $120,000 in revenue generation in 90 days.

I am licensed Part 107 drone pilot with a commitment to safety. 

My team and I can manage your social media platforms and post the best content to make your business look amazing and grow you reputation.

We create ad campaigns that get results for your business. We take a “test first” approach. We run a series of tests to see what your target market responds to online, see what gets them to tick and use it to sell more products and get more leads. 

Client results

Video that Went Viral

In 2021 I directed a viral ad for a start-up eCommerce brand. My advertisement generated 5,000 new customers & $120,000 in topline growth in less than 90 days.

Daniel King is an Eagle Scout & charismatic leader. 10 Years of classical piano studies, 8 years of dance training and 22 solo skydives.

Client Work